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Supermax Security Systems LLC offers reliable, performance-driven security solutions in Wisconsin and Illinois that are designed to meet your unique location and security application needs. Security is our passion, and we understand how important of an investment security is for you. That’s why we take pride in offering trusted, feature-rich home security camera and phone apps solutions that enable you to monitor activity around the clock-and provide true peace of mind!

Home Security:

No need to worry about your home’s security any longer. Supermax has developed a system that is meant to keep all break-ins, robberies, and more away. Keep you and your family safe with an all-in-one security system. Home security cameras, monitoring, and alarm checks are all put in place to make sure you never have to worry about your safety at home again.

Fast Response Times:

Fast response times is something we pride ourselves off of. While competitors are somewhat clumsy in this field, we took the time to constantly improve this part of our security system. We were able to get our home threat response time down to around 10 seconds! When an intruder breaks into your home, they have the cops coming to pick them up in 10 seconds of their entering.

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The Complete Package

  • Security, video and home automation in a mobile, seamless experience.

All Functions, One App

  • Control smart security, video and home automation in a single handy app.

Quick Connect

  • We’ll get you up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Uber Fast, Super Reliable

  • Stay in control with a blazing fast connection and always-available communications engine.

Protected by Professionals

  • Working with a pro gives you peace of mind, ensuring your family and your home are protected 24/7.

Video Recording and Surveillance

Providing video replay allows you and the police to identify the suspect with ease and make sure you get belongings replaced and more. Video surveillance should not be skipped as it might cost you in the end to not have it.

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